Murano Glass Centrepieces Are Perfect for Decorating Living Rooms

Murano Glass Centrepieces Are Perfect for Decorating Living Rooms


Do you need to add some character to your living room? The Murano glass centrepieces can suffice it. 

A range of options to choose from, so it suits your style and theme, from blown, decorative, or coloured glass centrepieces, we’ve got you covered.

Original, handmade Venetian glass dating back to the roman empire, sculpted to perfection directly from the hub of art deco centrepiece capital Venice, from the island of Murano.

The Gold Standard of the Centrepieces crafting and designing is second to none, simply the best.

What are Murano Centrepieces? 

Murano Glass Centrepieces are a tried and tested technique that has remained consistent throughout, hence unchanged yet unique. 

The hard workmanship under severe heat, moulding the glass to the desired shape of a Murano Plate, Leaf, Vase, or widely popular Eggs are highly rated globally.

Every centrepiece has a distinct shape for every eye of the beholder since all the artists who create this have their style carried from their predecessors.

The history behind Centrepieces & Where does Murano come from? 

The small island in present-day Italy near Venice, known as Murano got famous in the region because of its unparalleled glassmaking in the 12th century and the boom began in the 16th century.

Murano Centrepieces kept their lineage amongst the rest of the European and Global Market.

The inability of imitation and quality of other providers transcends it to a collectible item that depicts luxury.

Some prominent collectors included Henry (VII) of England, Philip the second from Spain, and other monarchs who were largely inspired by their craft.

The uniqueness of Murano’s Eggs? 

Years and years of practice and precision, that’s what it takes to perfect the process of making Murano Centrepiece Eggs. 

The classic old method combined with extreme temperatures, hard-to-find ingredients, and many artisans is what goes into producing the best centrepiece eggs.

These high maintenance Eggs aka Murano glass jewellery is in high demand, especially in Christian dominant regions, representing the occasion of Easter around the world.

How do Murano centrepieces add to your Homes? 

The versatility of our centrepieces is of utmost importance as well as pride, with different coloured glass centrepieces suiting your range of environments of your house, a colour theme, or celebrating something symbolic or religious.

Perhaps a leaf or gold centrepiece for your table to celebrate Christmas or maybe some decorative thanksgiving centrepiece vases and artistic bowls, brightening the dinner table setting with your loved ones.

Whatever the occasion or home deco requirements you may have, we’ve got everything to match your homes, either for occasional or frequent use, we have all that you need or want.

 At the official shop for Murano Glass centrepieces and all other Murano glass offerings that come with it, this is all Italian origin trademarked to ensure genuinely throughout, moreover, our customers also get free and safe shipping included in their orders, directly from Venice and last but not least we shall be providing a convenient refund and return policy.

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