Why your Hallway need a runner

Why your Hallway need a runner


Your entry hallway is the first space anyone will see when they enter your home. Adding a runner in your hallway is one of the easiest and simplest ways to add color, character. Hallways runners are a perfect solution to protect your floors from scratches, marks, and the everyday dirt and debris that comes along with you when you come and go. Whether your space is narrow or opens your hallways get a lot of foot traffic. People also use runner not just for home, but they use them outside as well. A large outdoor rug helps you to keep your sitting area together into a single unified space just like the runner in a hallway helps you to keep away from lots of wear and tear. Some people also use different types of rugs to give a versatile look to their home such as the black rug that brings light and interest to the room through contrast in color.

Purpose of a Hallway Runner

Adding a hallway runner helps you to protect your floors and it is specially designed for and narrow spaces. If you are having a hardwood floor at your place adding a rug into your home can provide warmth and color, but the main purpose of a hallway runner is to provide traction and a lot of protection for areas that have a lot of foot traffic. The hallway is in a lot of use whether you need to go to another room or come downstairs you pass through the hallways and they get a lot of foot traffic as well as a result, your hallway will quickly become one of the traveled and used spaces in your home.

Benefits Of A Hallway Runner

The hallway is one of the busiest areas of the home with a lot of foot traffics. If you have hardwood flooring then adding a hallway runner is a clever and cost-effecting way to add a layer of protection from scratches.

Other benefits of a hallway runner are:

  • Reduces noise 
  • catches dirt 
  • protects feet from cold and hard floors
  • Softens the look of wooden floor
  • Add color and texture 
  • creates a comfy, cozy feeling on your hardwood floors

Different Types of hallway runners

Replacing the hallway runners, you need to start with taking the accurate measurement to ensure the homeowner purchases the right size carpet, depending on the design and style she prefers. If you know the dimension of a hallway will make it easier for you to look up for the perfect runner.

Many hallway runners is made up of fiber design with short pile twist. This simply means the fiber of the carpet twisted with each other, and the pile or height of the carpet is quite low. The reason for choosing low piles runner is because it will not show a lot of foot traffic as the fiber becomes compressed. Long fibre that is not twisted will compact after a fair amount of use, and this will show a lot of foot traffic.

A cotton hallway runner or other material will be softer and comfortable than synthetic materials. Cotton carpets will tend to have a long-lasting life. Such types of carpet tend to be more expensive and need to take extra care of it. Regular vaccumning and even shampooing may be necessary to extend the life of a cotton runner.

Hallway Runner Style Option

After you have decided to lay a hallway runner and take the measurements the next step is how you are going to style your runner for your space. With many different options avaibalbe, you get confused about which one to choose for your space. Make sure that you takeout your time and choose a perfect runner according to your choice. You can make a bold statement with the style you choose for your hallway runners. Some common style options to consider are as follows:

  • Fiber type
  • Color Scheme
  • Pattern aesthetic


Hallway runners come into an almost endless selection of colors, patterns, length, and width. It will be the first thing that people will notice when they enter your home, so you need to think about the moot you want to set, as well as how it will complement or contrast with your existing decor. A runner should be matched to suit the need of your hallway rather than extend to the other room. If you are looking hallways runner in the UK then do check out the bedding mill.

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