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Having Problems with Your Sliding Patio Doors? Here Are Some Tips!

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Having a sliding patio door or a deck slider as it is called in some parts is a great option for an exterior door that offers more versatility. You can more easily let in fresh air and control how much, let in more natural light, brighten the home and make the division between inside and outside less clear for get-togethers. But sliding doors do come with their own problems. So that you are not compromising or damaging the investment in River glass designs doors, you should be prepared for some common problems, and have door and glass experts to call on when it is not something you can handle.

Typical sliding door issues

Air is coming in and being let out

Drafts coming in, or heated or cooled air getting out is a problem. You will see higher energy bills and the house will not be as comfortable as you like. The usual causes of this are when the insulation is not done well, or when the weather stripping is damaged or just getting old. You could replace the glass doors with something more energy-efficient, or as a stop-gap, you could use shades or blinds to help reduce the loss or gain.

They are hard to close and open

The joy of sliding doors is in how easily they slide open so when they become harder it is a frustrating thing. However, it can also be dangerous when those with less strength such as children or seniors struggle with them and could hurt themselves. This can happen because of rust in the rollers, wheels or hinges that are worn, a build-up of debris, damage to the track and panels that are not balanced. Cleaning and maintenance are important, as is lubrication with a silicone spray now and then. A professional can help with components that are worn out.

They are not aligned properly or get stuck

Stuck doors or ones that are misaligned can happen because of warped doors, humidity, damaged rollers or tracks and even house settlement.

The glass is foggy or broken

When there is an issue with the glass you need your glass expert to help such as River glass designs. Ignoring things like fogginess or cracks is a compromise to your health and safety. Damage, faulty seals, age and more could be the cause.

You see leaking water

Leaking water can lead to damage, mold and other issues. Things that can cause this are holes or cracks in the door frame, poor installation, gaps where there should not be and worn down weatherstripping.

Actions you can take to help

  • Call in a professional like Twin Glass for help with the glass
  • Keep the track and rollers clean and maintained
  • Lubricate the parts that move
  • Use blinds and shades
  • Replace old or damaged parts
  • Get new energy-efficient doors

Certain issues are not just about how they look but also how they work, health and safety and your security. But with some care they can last for many years.

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