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Top 4 Tips That Will Help You Pick the Right Wine Cellar Doors


Nothing says you are a wine connoisseur quite like your own wine cellar. If you do not have a wine cellar, your love for wine is definitely not enough. A proper wine storage is the first sign and quite a guarantee of your interest in different kinds of wines from various parts of the world. Wine is basically a mark of sophistication and class and one who loves wine is identified as one who has an eye for the finer things in life. So, if you have this classy taste, then it should reflect in the way you have stored your wine too. This is precisely why maybe a wine cellar is on the top priority list of many wine enthusiasts. If you are one of the lucky few who are closer to ticking off this wish from their list, then you must not overlook the wine cellar door.

The wine cellar doors are quite important, not just because it adds to the overall look and feel of your wine cellar, but also because these have a role to play in your wine collection. You need a sturdy door which can keep the wines safe inside to age properly and when the time comes, it can serve you with an exquisite taste that will linger in your mouth forever. So, how do you decide on this door? Here, we have a few tips that might come handy. Take a look.

  1. Consider the Climate

Since the climate plays a key role in storing the wine properly, you have to consider the humidity control and temperature levels in your wine cellar. And in doing so, you have to also ensure the door fits in well with all such requirements. First, look for the right materials for this door and see if it meets the weather conditions that are expected in your wine cellar. And if you are artificially creating the optimum conditions for the wine storage, then you must see it is tightly controlled. This will require you to seal the space to the best of your abilities. You might even need weather stripping around the frame of the door or might need to install a door sweep. Consider these climate-based requirements and accordingly decide on the door.

  • Go for Customized Doors

Nowadays, wine cellars are also customized easily, keeping the tone and sensibilities of the homeowner and the interior design of the place. So, getting a door customized should be quite easy. And it is also required because if you are trying to airtight the seal, you will require a custom-fit door. There are standard sizes for doors in all houses but since wine cellars are different from other rooms, the measurements might have to be varied. And it has its benefits too. Apart from being suited to meet your needs perfectly, you can work on the look and feel of it too, like the metal cellar door. Play with different sizes, textures, colors, or inserts instead of settling with a door that everyone has.

  • Two is Not Too Many

Why don’t you go for two sets of doors instead of one? A standard wooden door design on the outside with a surprise of an inner door made of single or double glazed glass can be a great idea. You can also use the ornamental wrought iron wine cellar doorsfor the outer area to create a fancy appearance and the inner one will be strictly for the climate control. Having a separate outside door also means more freedom on the design front as you can adorn the wine cellar door according to your likes without having to worry about the functional aspects which will be taken care of by the inner door.

  • Don’t Forget Installation

Having said everything about the materials and design, you have to keep in mind that you have to also install these doors for the wine cellar in order to make it functional properly. You have to choose doors which are easy to install. Check if the company offering you wine cellar designing services also provide installation or not for a more convenient and hassle-free experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for a reliable company offering wine cellar in Houston and order for a sturdy yet stunning wine cellar door today!

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