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Which Tools Do You Need for Home DIY Jobs?


Carrying out DIY jobs in the home is much easier when you have the right tools. But with so many different tools available, it can be difficult to know which ones are necessary and which ones are just nice to have. Having the items on hand that will allow you to complete each job will mean less frustration and will avoid any delays. 

What Should be in Your Toolbox? 

Every homeowner should have some basic items in their toolbox. Some people will not have a toolbox as such and may store their tools in a drawer, cupboard, or on a shelf in a garage. Irrespective of where you keep them, the following are some of the most important items to have for DIY jobs in the home. 


Screwdrivers are needed for many different jobs; there are two basic types: a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. Used to tighten screws, this is perhaps one of the most essential items to have in your toolbox. However, it is usually not sufficient to just have one of each type because of the different sizes of screws that are used in everyday items. To avoid having to buy screwdrivers in various sizes, you can buy a ratchet screwdriver that comes with a variety of heads in different shapes and sizes. 

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is something that many people think they will never use – until they start their first DIY job. This is vital for almost every job and is used to measure lengths of items as well as distances between two points. Measuring tapes are typically between 15 and 50 feet long and are retractable, with a small switch that will hold it in place when needed. 


If you are hanging pictures with nails or picture hooks, you will need a hammer to make sure they are pushed firmly into the wall. A hammer with a curved claw at one end will allow you to remove nails if necessary. 

Allen Wrenches

Like screwdrivers, Allen wrenches come in assorted sizes, so buying a set of these should mean you always have one that will fit. They are typically used in the construction of flat-pack furniture. 


Wrenches are used to tighten nuts and bolts. Moreover, because these come in various sizes, it is worth buying an adjustable wrench that can be altered to fit the required size. 

Utility Knife

If you need to cut small thin materials, a utility knife will become your best friend. It comes with a retractable blade that can be replaced when blunt, and it is ideal for everything from cutting open cardboard boxes to cutting through the coating on wires. 


A pair of pliers is a handy tool to have for the removal of nails and screws that have become stuck. It can also be used to cut wire. 

Assortment of Nails and Screws 

It is best to buy packs of screws and nails in various sizes so that you will have what you need for hanging storage items, pictures, or shelves. 

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is perfect for puncturing holes in walls, wood, and metal. It can also be used for screwing tasks if it has a forward and reverse function. 


There are many DIY jobs that require the use of a saw, and you should have a handsaw in your toolkit at the very least. Nevertheless, diamond saw blades experts at Devour Tools say that electric saws that come with diamond blades can make all the difference when it comes to making clean cuts quickly and effortlessly.

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