Outsourcing HOA Management In Flagstaff: Questions That Matter

Outsourcing HOA Management In Flagstaff: Questions That Matter

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Prospective homeowners in Flagstaff often prefer to live in communities that are managed by HOAs. A homeowners’ association is responsible for the overall community. From enforcing the standard rules and regulations to keeping up with projects and maintaining properties, the HOA is in charge of everything. While such associations are managed by the board, which consists of resident members, many communities are now choosing flagstaff hoa management companies to get professional assistance. If your board is considering the same, here are five imperative factors to consider. 

Look for expertise

You should be looking for a company that specializes in community management and has worked with a sizeable number of HOAs in Flagstaff. The work and client profiles of companies are the most significant aspects of the hiring process. As a board member, you have the right to ask questions, and we recommend a few like – 

  1. Is your firm locally based in Flagstaff?
  2. How many other HOAs and communities do you manage right now?
  3. Do you have worked with HOAs in our area? Can you share references?
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses as an HOA management company?
  5. Do you have the bandwidth to work for our community right now?

Discuss the services they provide

Finance management, upkeep of premises, addressing conflicts and disputes, enforcing the rules and regulations, help with existing projects – An HOA management company is expected to do it all. Before anything else, the board should make a list of things that are expected through the outsourced firm. Based on that, you can ask questions like – 

  1. What can your team do for our HOA?
  2. What kind of services do you provide?
  3. Do you have a ready list of local contractors and vendors?
  4. Can we talk to the manager in charge of handling our community?
  5. Do you have a team of accounting and legal experts?
  6. What would be your approach to handling internal conflicts?

Get quotes

Of course, you have to get quotes from local HOA management companies, but before you do that, remember that pricing should be the first factor for your choice. Instead, focus on the proposals, what’s included in the offer, and whether the selected firm has good reviews. The cheapest company is probably finding ways to cut down expenses, while the most expensive one may underperform on their claims. 

Always use quotes as a means to compare similar HOA management services. Start your search now! 

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