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Top Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Kitchen Renovation


While the prospect of completing a kitchen renovation may be enticing, there are many factors to consider and comprehend before beginning work. As with any remodeling, many things may go wrong in a kitchen, so be as prepared as possible. Here are some of the best tips to consider when planning for kitchen renovations in Liverpool

 Invest In High-Quality Kitchen Cabinet Materials:

Kitchen cabinets are not only the most essential component of a whole kitchen makeover, but they are also the most difficult to replace. To prevent having to replace your cabinets prematurely after 12-15 years, think about if a low-cost, temporary option like particleboard cabinets is a good remodeling investment. Furniture quality plywood cabinets will usually outlive particle board cabinets by up to four times. By using 3/4″ plywood for your kitchen cabinet box material, you may prevent many of the early problems that afflict particleboard, such as loose hinges and doors, sagging horizontal supports, peeling laminate, and disintegrating base cabinets.

Select Granite or Textured Laminate Countertops:

Today’s fashionable textures are more often than not a dead giveaway of an old kitchen tomorrow, lowering the value of your house. It is fair to argue that trends in today’s countertop industry, such as Quartz or Silestone, have a striking similarity to Corian from the 1990s and at a comparatively high price range. Quality granite countertops do not crack, melt, or date themselves as readily as Corian or Quartz worktops. Textured laminates are a reliable alternative to granite if you have a restricted kitchen renovation budget. Today’s laminates provide an outstanding countertop option at the cost of less than per square foot with genuine stone-like and sophisticated looks.

It Pays To Stick With Mid-Grade Appliances:

You do not have to spend a lot of money on a refrigerator to have the luxury features you desire; for less than half the price, you can now obtain an excellent mid-grade equivalent and stick to your kitchen renovation budget. It is also worth mentioning that, based on considerable research, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that kitchen appliances account for about 12 percent of a complete kitchen makeover to provide the most significant financial investment return.

You will Never Regret Soft-Close Drawer Slides and Door Hinges:

Though some may think it an unnecessary luxury at first, spending a few hundred dollars in soft-close doors and quality soft-close under-mount drawer slides pays for itself in the improved service life of not just the hinges themselves but the whole kitchen’s doors and drawers. These soft closers reduce high-impact wear, which causes drooping doors, drawer front rubbing, and separation, and loose screws. 

Soft-closing technology significantly improves the functionality of your drawers. Because the devices close smoothly, you may keep more delicate things in your base cabinet drawers without the risk of them being damaged. Oh, and your fingertips will appreciate it as well!

Ask To See Their Liability Insurance Coverage:

Ensure that all subcontractors, cabinet installers, and contractors have sufficient and up-to-date liability insurance. Unforeseen catastrophes and accidents may occur at any moment and have the potential to destroy not just a consumer’s financial well-being but also that of a respectable company. Do not be afraid to get a copy of your project service providers’ current liability insurance summary. Doing your homework now may save you a lifetime of financial pain later while planning for kitchen renovation.

Hire a Professional Kitchen Designer:

Though excellent professional services are never inexpensive, it’s reassuring to know that not only are kitchen designer prices often lower than those of a competent interior designer, but you also get a designer who specializes in kitchens and bathrooms. It is recommended that you verify whether a kitchen designer is a National Kitchen and Bath Association member to guarantee their expertise (NKBA). 

These members are dedicated to delivering a degree of kitchen and bathroom design knowledge that exceeds an architect or interior designer. Be careful of free kitchen designs; they are usually only worth the amount you spend on them. Poor planning and a lack of design knowledge will always result in the same outcome – a poor one. An outstanding kitchen, on the other hand, begins with an extraordinary design.

Make Your Kitchen Distinctive:

It is natural for humans to be caught up in the minutiae of things. As a result, it is equally essential to remember not to go overboard with the unique since your kitchen area may soon become overloaded with form, leaving a void in function.

Compliment Your Home’s Style into Your Kitchen:

Your kitchen does not have to match the design of the rest of your house. Still, by incorporating elements from neighboring rooms, you can avoid having your kitchen seem like you plopped a cookie-cutter showcase kitchen from your local big-box shop onto your kitchen floor. You will prevent much disappointment later if you acquire many material swatches and samples at the design stage and compare them in the unique lighting conditions of your house.

Avoid Unnecessary Trade Expenses Whenever Possible:

Moving a single pipe a few inches will not cost you much, but moving a gas line on the other side of the kitchen would. The cost maybe upwards of depending on the floor construction and accessibility from below. It is also preferable to install a new window with a good return on investment than to spend money moving an existing one. Work with what you have wherever feasible.

 Obtain the Needed Permits:

A permit is almost always required when moving plumbing, gas, or structural components. Regardless of what anybody says, the house owner is ultimately solely responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions. Don’t hesitate to contact your local municipality to confirm what permissions are required, and then double-check that they have been granted once the work is completed. 

By taking all of these factors into consideration before starting your kitchen renovations in Liverpool, you can guarantee that your final design blends in with the current style of your house, is convenient, and perfectly fulfills your requirements. If you forget or fail to consider these factors before beginning, your kitchen renovation may turn out to be a catastrophe.

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