Bathroom renovations in Campbelltown

Tips on choosing the perfect bathroom tiles for a Luxury Look


Bathroom renovations in Campbelltown or any other part of Australia can be challenging and daunting for most of us. They’re time-consuming and expensive; hence, one needs to be rational while selecting the bathroom accessories. If you’re looking for bathroom supplies in Campbelltown and wish to create a luxurious look for your bathroom, be sure to give importance to the tile selection. 

Along with your accessories and fixtures, tiles cover most of your bathroom, and they influence the entire theme of the room; hence you need to understand how you can select tiles that will offer you an excellent luxury look, 

How to select tiles for your bathroom?

These are a few simple tips that will allow you to understand the basics related to the selection of tiles. 

  • Calculate the Number of Tiles:

The first component to decide is the total number of tiles required for the bathroom. Ensure to calculate the quantity each for the walls, the flooring and the accent tiles if you wish to create a character with tiles.

  • Determine your Budget:

It is crucial to determine the approximate price range for the wall and floor tiles as per your allocation. Even when planning to create a luxurious look in your bathroom, you need to have an idea about the estimates, and budget can enable you to make the wise decision. Although accent tiles are more expensive than the wall and floor tiles, the quantity of accent tiles needed is less than the total quantity of floor and wall tiles.

  • Select the Material:

Bathroom tiles are available in various materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, mosaic and cement tiles. Since the bathroom is inclined to get greasy when moist, always go for a matte finish, textured or anti-skid tiles as they offer good grip. Do not use glass tiles on the floor as they quickly get greasy. Also, consider the grime accumulation as it will influence the cleaning schedule and arrangements. 

Ceramic and porcelain are the most favoured tiling alternatives due to their durability and ease of maintenance. These tiles are available in different designs in matte, gloss, and satin finishes; however, porcelain tiles are preferred. Tiles such as terracotta, cement and natural stone need maintenance since they are porous and require routine sealing.

  • Choose the Tile Size:

Select the suitable tile size for the flooring and walls of the bathroom that offer a minimum quantity of cutting and wastage. Go for smaller tiles on the floor as the number of grout lines increases, and they provide more slip resistance on the floor, and a luxurious bathroom always offers efficiency along with the look. 

  • Decide the Colour Palette:

It is always good to have a colour scheme in mind before you purchase tiles to select them faster. To achieve the desired look, you can contrast or mix and match the floor and wall tiles and consider a coloured, textured or patterned accent tile. Select a matching countertop in materials like granite, marble or quartz to achieve the look; if you wish to have a luxurious look go for shades of pastel and neutrals, the hues offer the illusion of a larger space. 

Types of bathroom Tiles: 

Now that you’ve understood the process of selecting bathroom tiles, here are a few types of tiles that are popular in terms of bathroom renovations in Campbelltown and other parts of Australia. These are the types of tiles that will offer you a luxurious look when used effectively. Any store that provides bathroom supplies in Campbelltown and other parts of the country will have all the types of tiles mentioned below, 


Porcelain is the ideal material to select if you need your bathroom tiles to last a long time. It’s sturdy, long-lasting, and highly water-resistant, and it isn’t easy to scratch or stain. Porcelain can also be employed to create beautiful effects, as it’s obtainable in a wide range of hues and can also be made to look like wood or stone, offering a more durable alternative to either. These tiles will provide you with both matt and high-gloss effects to suit your taste. Porcelain is expensive but a worthwhile investment as it lasts for a long time.


Ceramic tiles are curated from the same materials as porcelain but less finely ground. It makes it slightly less hard-wearing and water-resistant, but it’s still one of the most durable tiling options when appropriately sealed. One of the benefits of ceramic is that one can use many ceramic tiles on both walls and floors to create a seamless look. Ceramic tiles are cost-effective and easy to retain, and the wide variety of colours and styles open enables you to create an elegant look for less.


In terms of luxury, marble is the most extraordinary tiling material. Modest and exquisite, it’s excellent for adding texture to your bathroom layout due to the veins of dye that run through its surface. The classic rock performs equally well with traditional and modern décor schemes and is perfect for creating characteristic features in your bathroom. It requires to be taken with care, and it’s an expensive alternative with timeless style. It will offer you a luxurious look for your bathroom. 


Mosaic tiles are now hugely stylish in bathrooms. They can be made of different tiling materials, including ceramic, marble and glass. Such tiles are small in size, and they can be arranged together to assemble stunning effects and patterns in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Whether you select a mosaic for your bathroom floor, accentuate a particular wall, or create a distinctive look throughout the entire room, mosaic tiles are the perfect way to inject your character into the space. You can use it strategically or ask a designer for suggestions to create a distinct look in the bathroom to make it look luxurious. 


Limestone is an ideal choice for natural-hued design layouts. Its subtle hues of beige, brown, and grey bring warmth to your bathroom, and it offers a soft and comfortable look while still being durable. Limestone tiles must be sealed excessively well to be utilised in bathrooms, as it’s a porous material in its natural form. However, it’s worth it, as this attractive and versatile material allows you to make a beautiful warm bathroom design.

Apart from these, the market offers a range of distinctive tiles that will provide you with a luxurious look after arranging everything effectively. At the same time, planning bathroom renovations in Campbelltown or other parts of the country. You can select bathroom supplies from Campbelltown or any other place to get the desired. 

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