Tips on How To Clean Your Sanitary Wares At Homes

Tips on How To Clean Your Sanitary Wares At Homes

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We can all agree that among all the rooms we have at home, the bathroom is the most intimate spot. It’s the area where we clean and relieve ourselves, thus making the sanitary wares inside it the most prone to odors and bacterial growth as well. Despite the saying that bathrooms should always be the cleanest area, it’s the hardest to maintain spotless and polished. If you’re looking for ways to uncomplicate your life and figure out hacks and tips on how to clean your sanitary wares, scroll down below!

  1. Remove Everything

    The first and foremost tip in doing the cleaning is to remove every product in the bathroom first. Some people tend to get too lax and leave it where it is as they clean, but it will only cause for some spots to be missed. This will result in areas not being cleaned thoroughly.

    Before starting, set aside a container outside the bathroom and place all the items in there. All the shampoo bottles, soap dispensers, and even towels. These might be such a hassle especially when there’s a lot of products but believe us when we tell you that this will also contribute to maintaining and keeping everything immaculate. This is also a brilliant way to check which objects are still being used and which can already be thrown away. This is not a tip in cleaning your sanitary wares, but this is the most brilliant way to start as you do so.

  1. Start With The Shower and Bathtub

    The shower area is typically the farthest area in the room, so cleaning the shower and the tub first would make the most sense. The most common problem usually encountered with shower heads is that rust, and sometimes mildew, form in it causing it to lose its shine and look dirty. As for the bathtubs, its corners are the favorite hiding spots of mildew and mold due to moisture.

 To begin, all-purpose cleaner should be applied and let soaked in these areas while you clean elsewhere. Don’t forget the faucets and the shower hose. This will dissolve any unwanted and stubborn articles in both the shower and tub, which will make the job easier for you afterwards by making you swipe clean the surfaces easily.

  1. Focus on the Toilet

    The toilet bowl is like the crowning glory of the bathroom. Especially if you have guests coming over at your house, this is definitely one of the things that they would notice. It’s important that it’s well-maintained and free of any dirt and bacteria, no matter how much we hate cleaning this particular sanitary ware.

    Similar to how you would clean the shower and the tub, apply the toilet bowl cleaner liquid first and let it soak for some time in order to dissolve mildew, mold, bacteria, and other foreign deposits attached to the toilet bowl. While you wait for a few minutes for the cleaner to do its work, this is also a great way for you to efficiently clean other parts of the bathroom. After a while, you can now proceed with the scrubbing step using your trusty bowl brush or pumice stone if the dirts are a little bit stubborn. Take note of the spots surrounding the toilet as well, particularly if you have boys at home. Manly leaks are oftentimes inevitable and this must be remembered during cleaning in order to ensure that no bacteria or germs get too out of hand. Toilet bowls are also the ones we use for relieving ourselves regularly, and thus it’s the most susceptible area in virus contamination and transmission. Lastly, after ticking off the list, don’t forget to disinfect the toilet rims, seat covers, lids and every exposed part of the toilet bowl for good measure.

  1. Tackle the Sink

    Aside from the toilet, the sink is the sanitary where unwanted objects and deposits are most likely to show. It’s where we brush our teeth, wash our face, and even blow our nose whenever we have runny days. No wonder bacteria and germ buildups are also a common occurrence in the sink.

    For this one, the good old application and soaking of the all-purpose cleaner is the classic trick of the sleeve. Stand time in soaking the liquid is important, as like any other sanitary wares, in order to clean the sink. Afterwards, you can now do the brushing and scrubbing. For toothpaste, face wash, and make-up stains that are hard to remove, you can use a bleach-based cleanser in order to remove it.

  1. Hit the Floor

   When we say hit the floor, we don’t mean partying at all. We mean it quite literally rather. After every other sanitary wares have been cleaned, the last one to finish everything off is by doing the bathroom floor. This should be done regularly in order to keep the floor looking shiny and prevent dingy mold from forming along the tile lines. Using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water, you can have a DIY floor spray whenever you mop your floor to keep it looking fresh and odorless. For tile grouts, you can use a mixture of chlorine and water. The best solution would be ¾ chlorine to 1 gallon of water. Trust us with this, you might even see your reflection on the shiny and sparkling tiles afterwards!

Key Takeaway

Despite bathrooms being one of the most important parts of the house, cleaning it and the sanitary wares inside is indeed a chore. With a few helpful tips and tricks, and some DIY solutions, there’s no need to fret while you keep your area spick and span.


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