Nan Chul Shin – The Brains Behind Nan Inc.

Nan Chul Shin – The Brains Behind Nan Inc.

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Nan Inc. is recognized as one of the top construction companies in the state of Hawaii. It is well-known because of its quick success and the awards it already has under its belt. What most people don’t know is that the company wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much without the efforts and dedication of its founder, Nan Chul Shin. Most people may not recognize the name because he is now named Patrick Shin. Born in South Korea, Nan Chul Shin belonged to an impoverished background and dreamt of moving to the United States.

After a lot of struggle, he managed to fulfill his wish and arrived in the US. In order to adapt to the new culture, he decided to change his name, due to which he is now Patrick Shin and is a prominent figure in Honolulu, Hawaii. When he had come to the US, he and his family had to live in a one-bedroom apartment, but he was fortunate enough to get a scholarship that landed him at Bowling Green State University. He did his majors in business administration and then moved to Hawaii. For two years, he worked as a laborer for the construction company and walked away with the dream of forming his own firm.

In 1990, he founded Nan Inc. and only had one employee by his side. However, Nan Chul Shin didn’t let anything discourage him and he didn’t shy away from any kind of construction work. He took both small and big projects and slowly developed his company’s reputation for delivering quality and professional work. Three decades later, Nan Inc. is in the top 10 list of construction companies in Hawaii and is continuing to achieve some big milestones. Patrick Shin’s company has dealt with more than 3,000 projects and completed them successfully.

He has made his mark in Hawaii and in other areas as well, as his company has expanded its offices. They have been awarded multimillion dollar contracts by the government and private sector alike. As far as Patrick Shin himself is concerned, he still remains a humble man and is extremely generous as well. He believes in giving back and has made many donations over the years. He is genuinely dedicated to contributing to Hawaii’s bright future and is constantly working to accomplish this goal. Nan Inc. wouldn’t be where it is today without this man’s hard work and clever brain.

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