How To Install Plantation Shutters?

How To Install Plantation Shutters?

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Everyone needs an ideal window shutter for their home, and one of the popular treatments is Plantation Shutters which are desired all around Sydney, especially in Strathfield. It is an excellent window with multiple types of design, and it comes in various styles as well, i.e. from cottage to Traditional. It is very commonly used for Kitchen purposes as it is beneficial for insulation purposes and keeps away the allergens found in the fabric of window treatment.

It is very significant to understand the installation process of the plantation shutters that has been explained through 9 Steps.

Step 1

The very first step is to measure your window. You just have to measure the width and height of the window to specify the size of plantation shutters required in Strathfield.

Step 2

You are required to hold up one of the filler strips to the front edge of the window frame, and then you have to level it and then caption the screw holes with the help of a pencil.

Then you have to predrill the holes using a ¼ inch; ⅛ bit. Filler strips are enclosed with the shutters to adjust the width if required.

Step 3

And then you are supposed to measure the Shutters. After the measurement, place the shutters jointly and measure the overall width.

Step 4

Attaching Filler Strips: It is essential to know how many filler strips are needed and then insert the screws through the shutter frame and slide the filler strips onto the screws.

Step 5

Then you have to tighten the screws into place gradually. You are required to repeat the step for the supplementary side as well.

Align the screws with the pre-drilled holes by holding the shutter in place. It is advised to tighten the screws not so tight if you are required to adjust it again.

Step 6

Closing the shutters into place will ensure that everything has been aligned appropriately. After performing necessary adjustments and closing the shutters properly, then you have to insert the plugs that have been boxed with screw holes to cover them.

Step 7

Then design the hardware for the shutters by a pencil mark midway down on the cover of the shutter doors. Then place a level on the mark and utilize a pencil to draw an exact horizontal line on each side of the shutter frame.

Step 8

Scale the center on each door frame and make a vertical mark that bisects the horizontal line. You need to Predrill holes on each door where the vertical and horizontal lines bisect ¼ inch drill bits. Then tighten the right-side knob to the frame into the predrilled hole without the latch. You have to repeat the steps for the left side knob as well, but with the latch.

Step 9

Then close the latch to lock the plantation shutters.

Once the shutters have been locked, you need to Screw the right-side knob, without the latch, to the frame into the predrilled hole. Then repeat the steps for the left side knob as well but with the latch. After that, you should close the latch to lock shutters shut.

Once all the steps are clear, you must check the lock by shutting the latch. By following these steps, you can easily install the plantation shutters.

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