How to Set up the Perfect Romantic Beach Themed Bedroom

How to Set up the Perfect Romantic Beach Themed Bedroom


A beach is a place for sand, sun, surf, and relaxation, so it only makes sense to carry that same playful, romantic vibe into your bedroom.

Whether you live on the coast or you just dream of a beachfront view, it’s easy to design your own romantic beach themed bedroom for a gorgeous getaway every night.

Read on for some design tips and advice that will inspire you to create a beachy bedroom of your very own.

Start with the Color Scheme

When you think of the beach, you probably imagine crystal blue waters and bright blue skies. As you choose a color palette for your romantic beach themed bedroom, it’s best to try and stick to tones that are a bit more neutral when possible.

You can incorporate beachy colors like blue and green into the bedroom by adding colorful throw pillows or duvet covers. Infuse some vibrant hues into this space by using decor and linens, but keep wall and floor colors a touch more subdued.

Light tan and soft gray are both excellent wall paint color choices for a beach themed bedroom. Even a soft, sunny pastel yellow can evoke cheerful thoughts without being too overwhelming. Consider adding a whitewashed shiplap to one wall for a beautiful beach-style feature wall.

When you design the room, start with your color selection as the base. You can easily add furniture and other items afterward so that everything works together in synergy.

Look at a few photos of the beach if you need some inspiration when it comes to color. Whether it’s the shimmering soft pink found in seashells or the sandy tans of the actual shore, it’s a great way to help you get inspired to choose a beach-themed color palette.

If you love the beaches on tropical islands, it’s tempting to use darker tones like palm tree green or red. Try to stick to lighter hues so that your romantic bedroom is calming and tranquil.

A Romantic Beach Themed Bedroom Needs Natural Materials

From wicker and rattan to jute, a beachy bedroom should always have items crafted from nature. Woven furniture made of bamboo or rattan is gorgeous, durable, and organic all in one. Wood and seagrass are both excellent choices, too.

For floor coverings, consider layering a few different textures by stacking a jute or sisal woven area rug on top of a traditional one. This type of rug is perfect for the bedroom and gives it a cozy ambiance while bringing a touch of the natural world indoors.

Even your window treatments can be made from something natural. Try some roll-up bamboo shades to cover your windows. This not only gives you extra privacy, but it’s an easy way to add yet another natural element to the room.

Look for custom pieces that can be a focal point in this space, like an incredible chandelier crafted of seashells. Even a table lamp with a shell base is a fabulous addition to the bedroom and adds to the organic aesthetic.

Your bedding is another great way to add some beachy fun to the room by choosing comforters and sheets imprinted with ocean scenes or charming icons like starfish and mermaids. Products by feature a range of stunning designs as well as lots of custom options, too.

Another easy way to add some natural components to this space is to scour the shore for driftwood and shells. A beautiful piece of driftwood placed on a dresser, bookshelf, or chest will instantly enliven the room and add to its beach-themed appeal.

Get Creative with Artwork and Decor

Since you’re planning a romantic beach themed bedroom, it’s no surprise that you cherish the many different wonders that can be found at the beach. Elevate the bedroom by hanging artwork and using decor that really speaks to you.

When it comes to ocean themed bedroom ideas and art, the sky really is the limit. A gallery wall filled with unique pieces like canvases showcasing marine animals can instantly transform the space.

Look for unique artwork that features octopi, starfish, whales, or seahorses. This theme will add a fun component to the room and really bring that beach theme home.

A gallery wrapped canvas that features a stunning sunset view of the beach is a beautiful choice. Choose a large piece and hang it over your bed to create a beautiful focal point “with a view.”

You can also make your beach-themed bedroom personal and romantic by displaying some sentimental photos. Perhaps you and your better half had a romantic honeymoon at the beach. Take those moments and frame them in a gorgeous seashell frame, then hang it on the wall or place it on your nightstand.

Mirrors are an important component of any bedroom, so don’t forget to use them in a creative way in this space. Design a custom mirror by hot-gluing oyster shells around the frame or look for store-bought options that feature mother of pearl mosaics or shells for a stunning touch.

A few other fun decor ideas include bedding with white and blue or white and red cabana stripes. Prints featuring nautical ships, anchors, and mermaids are a fantastic choice if you love the nautical-inspired look.

Fill a large, clear glass vase with a bit of sand in the bottom, then add lots of small seashells. This simple decor idea looks gorgeous on your furniture, and you can also use it to hold freshly cut flowers for even more romantic appeal.

Change Your Hardware or Furniture Colors

Whether it’s a dresser, a pair of nightstands, or a large storage chest, you can change the hardware to make each piece of bedroom furniture as beachy as possible. Consider swapping out boring, standard metal hardware with braided rope to create a fun nautical-style drawer handle.

You can also find beach-themed furniture hardware at many home improvement stores, craft stores, and online. This hardware comes in a range of unique shapes like starfish, shells, and fish just to name a few.

Remove the old hardware using a screwdriver and then add the new pieces to each drawer or door one at a time. Most hardware includes its own set of screws but if not, you can likely reuse what was included with the original furniture.

Another fun way to repurpose your bedroom furniture is to distress and paint it in new colors. Look for chalk paint that features soft shades of blue, tan, or yellow to give wood furniture a weatherworn look.

A simple new coat of paint can do wonders for old, dark furniture. Try out a few sample swatches on a discreet area of the furniture first until you find the right colors for you.

Bright and Cheery

While a romantic bedroom should be soft and sensual, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bit of bold color. As mentioned before, stick to neutral hues for walls, floors, and window coverings but play it up when it comes to bedding, decor, and furniture.

Seek out a fun colorway that makes your bedroom inviting and cheery. Tropical prints on comforters or throw blankets will instantly add a pop of color and pattern play to the bedroom. The best thing about using your linens to add color is that it’s extremely easy to change things whenever you want to make an update.

Another easy way to bring color into this space is through lighting. Look for a pair of matching table lamps featured in fun shades of bright yellow, vibrant blue, or nautical red.

Accent furniture boasting bold colors will add just the right amount of color to your bedroom. Try a fun upholstered ottoman covered in a beachy print with tons of bright shades. A bedroom bench can also be a fabulous choice to bring some more color in.

Woven baskets boasting colorful designs are perfect for both storage and decor. You can use a large, colorful basket as a laundry hamper or a way to store extra throw blankets and other accessories.

If you really want some color on the walls, consider adding wallpaper to just one wall. Try something in an awesome tropical leaf design, an ombre sunset pattern, or anything that brings the fun of color with the beauty of the beach together in one theme.

Area rugs are yet another option to bring more cheery color into this space. Try a soft high-pile rug in a charming woven pattern that you can place directly under the bed.

When it comes to adding color, it really comes down to whether you want your bedroom to bold or more subdued. A soft, coastal design calls for lighter colors, while a tropical beach-themed bedroom may need something darker and more dramatic.

Ideas for a Modern Coastal Bedroom

Just like mid-century modern, farmhouse, and shabby chic, the coastal design trend is taking hold of modern homes. You can create a modern coastal bedroom that elevates the romantic feel of this important space.

Pair a bedroom furniture set made of weathered wood with a sleek metal sunburst pendant light or chandelier. Nightstands or accent tables with a metal frame and a glass top pair beautifully with woven jute rugs and wicker beds.

Instead of a mirror accented with seashells, try something in a more contemporary design. A simple beveled wall mirror over the dresser is an easy way to add some bright reflection to this space with less beach-inspired style.

If you adore the concept of the beach and coastal decor but you want to keep things clean and modern, consider choosing one focal point rather than changing the entire theme of the room. For example, a large oversized painting of a beach landscape over the bed is an easy way to add a slice of the coast to your bedroom.

White is always a classic, easy color to create a blank canvas. For a modern coastal bedroom, change the shade of your white paint color from stark white to off-white, cream, or ivory. The slight shift contributes to the beach theme while still sticking to the clean look of modern spaces.

Make it Comfy

If your bedroom is large in size, it’s important to make this space as cozy as possible. Consider adding an accent chair and a matching footstool or ottoman so you can kick back and relax at the end of the day.

Place your chair and ottoman in a corner of the room where you can sit and read a book or curl up for a nice afternoon nap. Furniture placed next to a sunny window is a great way to sit down, chill out, and simply enjoy the view.

A beachy vanity and chair are another great addition to a large master bedroom. Look for a cute vanity set made of white wicker to really bring the beach and coastal style into this space.

If you have lots of decorative items, photos, and collectibles to display, try some additional shelving. A tall bookcase in a beautiful whitewash finish or a soft blue color is always a welcome addition to a bedroom.

For those whose bedroom is short on floor space, you can always install some floating shelves on the wall. Try a slice of raw wood or one with slight distressing and mount it to your walls. Use these floating shelves to showcase a few framed photographs, some treasured seashells, and other special pieces.

Layer your bedding with lots of soft pillows and blankets. Velvet is a gorgeous fabric that looks stunning in any room including a beach themed romantic bedroom.

Hit the Beach at Home

If you’re dreaming of a romantic beach themed bedroom, consider some of these tips during your design journey. From shiplap on the walls to woven rattan furniture, the possibilities are endless.

For more fabulous design and decor ideas and a whole lot more, be sure to visit our website today!

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