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Future Costs to Consider before Installing an Electric Driveway Gate

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Automatic driveway gates can be a viable option for homeowners looking to improve their home security but don’t want to lock and open a gate physically.

An electric driveway gate can cost up to four times as much as a manual gate. These include the cost of the gate, installation, and maintenance.

When estimating the installation cost, consider concrete and additional hardware. You can also consider post-installation, wiring, or electrical work.

Factors Influencing the Future Cost

A lot of factors affect the future costs of installing electric driveway gates. For instance, if you already have a security gate, expect to add the removal cost to your budget.

Other factors affecting the price are the gate’s color, materials, security features, designs, and surveillance features. An additional aspect that you need to consider is whether or not to remove an existing fence. 

Existing fences are often attached to gate anchors. So adding a new one during an automatic gate installation can add to the cost. In order to avoid these additional costs, you might want to research the following:

  • Soil conditions
  • Permitting
  • Solar, manual, or electrical-powered gates
  • Underground utility services

Future Costs to Expect

Whether you are looking to buy an electric driveway gate, maintain, or install it, the following are the future costs to expect:

  1. The Cost of an Automatic Driveway Gate

An automatic gate varies widely in cost. That is because there are several automation options, sizes, and types.

Consider adding an automation system if you have a swing gate. This is an affordable option, and you may do it yourself in most cases.

A swing gate itself ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. And on top of that, you can pay around $500 for automation.

  1. Installation Cost

On average, installing an automatic gate costs about $6,500. You may get a motorized double gate made of steel for this cost. It also comes with sensors and a remote or a keypad to open your gate. Including an intercom and camera raises the price.

The cost is less for chain-link or wooden fences. But the cost can be higher for gates built with brick or stone stanchions.

Most homeowners installed driveway gates when installing their fence or driveway. This mostly results in a small break in the cost, especially if you hire the same contractor for multiple projects.

  1. Maintenance Cost

If you note any problem with your gate, it can be easy to fix. If you allow the situation worsens, such as letting a wood gate lose its finish or deteriorate, electric driveway gate repairs can be costly.

This is where maintenance comes in handy. Proper maintenance often includes checking the performance of ensuring your wiring is safe and cleaning the gate.

You should consider yearly maintenance for your electric driveway gate. This is especially true with wooden gates because the finishes are very sensitive to weather.

Proper maintenance can also include inspection. That is something that can take you one hour. Mostly, this will only cost you between $30 and $80.

Final Touches!

An electric gate has a lot of benefits. They don’t just add value to a home. They are also classy and secure. So investing in one is thoughtful, but beware of the future costs.

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