3 Home Invasion Prevention Tools

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What’s more important than your home? A safe place to rest after long days of work or traveling. Whether it be temporary living while away from family, in permanent residency with all our belongings inside- crime prevention methods will ensure those memories stay forever! Let’s take a look at some great options for homeowners across America today:

1) Upgrade Your Locks

Locks are the last line of defense against potential burglars. They come in many different styles and shapes, but almost every kind has its advantages as well as disadvantages. We recommend taking your time to choose the best door lock for your primary door, as well as, for other exterior doors.

The deadbolt lock is one of the best for keeping intruders at bay. It involves a metal bolt that can be secured to any type or style doorframe, and with its sturdy design it will make breaking through your doors nearly impossible! However if there’s an window nearby they may try using this as leverage in order break into you home by turning off both locks – luckily though solutions exist such as installing barriers around windows so no matter how much pressure someone puts against them they won’t succeed without proper tools and a lot of time.

2) Install Security Screens on Your Windows

Home invasions are becoming more common in Las Vegas. The 12th highest home invasion crime rate makes residents all too aware that they can be another statistic any moment now, which is why many people there invest heavily into major security devices such as big cluncky metal shutters or premium aircraft grade steel mesh screens to protect their homes from intruders who may wish for harm upon them. Security Plus in Las Vegas custom build all their screens to each order and they offer many customization options to choose from so they can beinstalled on any size window. All their screens are built with a reinforced barrier at the point of contact, making it near-impossible for them to be broken away with brute force and giving you peace of mind that nothing can get into your home through your windows.

3) Double Down With Security Doors

Installing a security screen door will not only give your home an extra layer of protection, but also prevent any unwanted intrusions into personal space from happening in the first place! A stainless steel mesh with aluminum frame is durable enough to withstand even determined attackers. The best part about these premium screens is that they look like standard fiberglass screen doors, but the give you the protection and piecce of mind you deserve all while adding value to the aesthetic of your home or business. It doesn’t matter if you have a french, sliding, stacking or just a standard single hinged door. The top model Meshtec security screen doors are custom built to order. You can even customize the frame and mesh color to match any home or business asthetic.

Combining Home Invasion Tools

The best way to protect your home isn’t with only one tool or another, but rather a combination of high-quality locks and security screens on windows and doors. If you want the utmost safety for yourself as well as those inside (or outside), it’s important that we have some cameras too – because no matter how hard someone tries they’ll never be able look over all those obstacles!

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