Follow These Steps to Keep Your House Perpetually Clean

Follow These Steps to Keep Your House Perpetually Clean

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Cleaning your house can be a time-consuming weekend chore that eats away your precious leisure and relaxation period. Even when you make the home sparkling clean on the weekend, it gets back to its messy state within the first two days of the week. If you have the budget, an easy solution is to hire the help of professionals by looking up “home cleaning services near me”. Otherwise, you can check out the following tips to keep your house perpetually clean:

The Steps

1. Set up a cleaning protocol – Everyone has that friend who has a neat home no matter when you visit them. There are no miracles that lead to such a state. Their home stays that way since they have systems in place to make it happen. They usually have a cleaning schedule that allows them to sort the laundry, clean the dirt and vacuum the home so that filth doesn’t get piled in a corner. If you check up on that clean friend’s calendar, you will see a designated day for laundry and vacuuming so that those tasks don’t get skipped and pile on as a huge burden after a few weeks.

Moreover, you can also take care of small chores without any delay so that they don’t eat into your time when it’s time for a break after a hectic week. Make them part of your daily routine, treat those cleaning chores as work. Things like arranging pillows, hanging clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, folding blankets, and more. These chores hardly take a couple of minutes and are an easy way to keep a clean and healthy home.

2. Get organized – When you’re organized things are a lot less messy than they need to be. Invest in some drawers and shelves or old moving packages to designate where things should be. For instance, your home would be way cleaner if there was a designated place for kid’s toys. Get a storage compartment for various things. Get large wicker baskets and keep them on a shelf at the entrance. You can label them according to the items you need to store.

Moreover, it’s important to get rid of old and useless stuff to make space for new things. It’s also an opportunity to earn some extra cash by listing the items you don’t need on eBay. You can also donate them to a charity of your choice. Installing racks and pegs is another good idea for organizing your things. You can use them in any room, especially the kitchen and hallway. They help you to keep your home free from clutter.

3. Leave shoes off at the entrance – When you bring shoes into your home, you also bring dirt, grime, dead leaves, toxins, and all kinds of bacteria and other microorganisms. That’s why it’s important to designate a place for your shoes at the entrance. Just like a boot rack, you can buy shoe storage shelves that keep your dirty shoes confined to a small place at the entrance. You can amp up the cleanliness by also arranging indoor slippers. Make it a habit to leave your shoes at the entrance and wear indoor slippers while at home.

4. Involve your family – While it may be easier for you and your partner to take care of the cleaning, getting the kids involved in the cleaning chores can bring a lot of benefits. Delegating tasks and explaining how to do things to your children may be time-consuming and difficult at first. However, over time as they get used to it, you can cut down on cleaning time drastically. apart from that it also helps your children develop cleanliness habits to keep the home clean and you get some bonding time with them. You can start small by asking them to clean their room or clean the mess after playtime is over. At first, you would need to supervise them and in the upcoming weeks, they would be good enough to do a flawless job. Then you can slowly increase the difficulty of chores to using the vacuum and washer. 

5. Make the cleaning tools and supplies easily accessible – Most people have a bad habit of shoving cleaning tools and supplies in any random storage space after cleaning the home. This makes it difficult for you to find out those microfiber cloths, mops, detergents, and cleaning liquids later on. This situation creates the perfect excuse for you to delay the cleaning of your bathroom, floor, or kitchen and keeps things dirtier for a longer time. When you keep the cleaning supplies at fixed places where they are easy to find, you are more likely to stick to your cleaning routine.

6. Invest in a cleaning robot – Cleaning robots have grown from internet jokes to useful cleaning appliances over the years. They are quick, efficient and can clean your home with the press of a button. Modern cleaning robots also feature high-capacity batteries and intelligent design to be power efficient and run for longer durations with less noise. They also have smart sensors and companion apps that let you map your rooms so that the robot can function smoothly and navigate your home with ease.

With stair detectors, you don’t have to worry about the round gadgets falling and getting damaged either. They also have smart connectivity and can link to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This lets you control them through voice commands via smart assistants. No need to bend down and press buttons. Some models even allow for remote access. That means when you’re on a vacation you can control the robots from your phone to keep the floors clean and shiny.   


Now that you know how to minimize your chores and keep your house clean every day you should get to establish those habits and schedules. If all this seems a bit overwhelming, you can hire professional cleaners by searching for “home cleaning services near me”.

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