5 Hacks To Clean Sliding Door Tracks

5 Hacks To Clean Sliding Door Tracks

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The unwanted nasty build-up in the sliding door track can make its movement hard. The intense dirt causes the doors to jam. Don’t leave the tracks unattended for quite a long time. All you will need are some basic kitchen products to knock out the headstrong dirt and dust. Follow the quick cleaning tips below and clean the tracks effortlessly. 

Practice A Routine Cleanup

The cleanup of a sliding glass door may seem tiring if it is not attended to, for ages. Add this chore to your to-do list and complete the task without fail. The more the delay, the more stubborn the filth and dirt. Sliding doors should be treated with utmost care as they are damage-prone.

Even though a busy bee, spend some time for the cleanup to reduce the intense accumulation of grime and dirt. Why harm the healthy aura at home unnecessarily? Don’t go for the chemically-filled cleaning agents when you have natural products at home. If you are a busy person, you can also reach out to a home cleaning service provider

Use White Vinegar For Arrogant Dirt

Stubborn dirt too can be kicked off very easily. All your problems will be resolved if you have some white vinegar at home. Quickly get a spray bottle and add equal portions of water and vinegar to it. Give the bottle a vigorous shake, for the ingredients to blend in well. Wasn’t that cleaning solution easy to prepare? 

Scatter some baking soda on the tracks. However, the amount of baking soda may vary accordingly to the severity of the build-up. Then, spray some vinegar on the affected areas and let it fizz. You may have to wait for about 10 minutes for the same. Bubbling up helps soften the grime. Gently scrub the tracks with an old toothbrush. Don’t leave the other side unseen. Slide the door and spread baking soda on the uncovered area. Repeat the same steps once again and you will see the magic!

Vacuuming Can Tackle Lose Grime 

Remove the huge chunks of dust and dirt manually. Vacuuming will ease the rest of the cleanup. Ensure that all the dirt and dust are gone for good, before applying any sort of cleaning agent. 

Try Lubricating 

Don’t forget to clean the tracks before lubricating them. Buy a silicone lubricant from the nearest grocery store. Spray it on the junk-filled tracks. Wipe down the area using an old rag to remove any excess lubricant. The holes on the edges should also be treated with lubricant. Open and close the sliding door frequently. Perform this trick twice a month for better results. Regular maintenance will restrict the doors from getting clogged. 

Call Home The Specialists

Do you find the task to be a neck-breaking one? Well, if there is someone who can cover up the mess without any hassles, they are professional cleaners. Invite them home for a pre-inspection. Let them analyse the depth of the issue first. Only then can the experts think of an ideal cleaning technique. Notify them of your requirements too. The city is crowded with many cleaning pros, making it challenging to select the most promising team from the list.

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