Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Mural for Your Home or Office

Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Mural for Your Home or Office

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Forgoing painting and choosing murals can be a good idea for interior design. However, a single tiny mistake when selecting the murals can ruin everything. Picking the right mural is not easy. You need to pick something that will express your style, interest, taste, and show your creative side. A mural can be a fantastic choice for wall covering. It comes in different materials, images, sizes, and personal options. Therefore, when choosing this piece of art, it is crucial to know what you are going for. Don’t panic! This article has discussed several useful tips for selecting the right wall mural for your office or home.


When choosing a mural, color is a crucial thing you should consider. You want the mural to set a mood and make smaller spaces look larger and more open. The color you choose should match the rest of your interior theme. When choosing colors, the best trick is to pick the colors close to each other on a color wheel. You may also go for warmer and brighter colors if you live in a cold place.


The style of the mural will depend on the interior style. Here are different mural styles.

  • A style for your child’s room. It can be a good idea to choose brighter colors for your kid’s room murals. For example, you may pick to paint the mural based on your kid’s best cartoon character or the things they like. There are numerous types of murals based on kids’ ages. So, look for something your kid will love.
  • A style for your office. You can also choose a mural for your office. In this case, go for large-scale murals with large patterns.
  • A style for your bedroom. When choosing murals for your bedroom, we recommend selecting fresh colors to set the mood.
  • The style for your living room. The style you choose for your living room will depend on the interior style and the items in the room. For instance, a lighter shade will go well with darker furniture. Additionally, choose a cool color if you have bright curtains, carpets, or furniture.


Murals can help hide the imperfections on your wall. You can use them to revamp the wall flaws without going through the cost of remodeling. Choose a different texture like leather, stone vinyl, classic linen, or canvas. You can also choose specific murals to make the wall look like it is made from leather, marble, or wood.


When choosing murals for your room, it is vital to consider the type of lighting in the room. A darker room without enough light should have a bright mural. It can be a good idea to choose smoother designs to reflect enough light in the room.


If you want to make the right choice, consider what inspires you first. Your inspiration will depend on what you want to achieve with the murals. You can choose bold colors for your office or any other color that will suit your needs. Consider the things mentioned above to ensure you pick the right mural to match the rest of your design.

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