How to Avoid Damage During Your Move

How to Avoid Damage During Your Move

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There are numerous considerations to make before moving. One of them must be shielding yourself and your belongings from harm. However, moving your belongings to a new house involves various steps, and you risk damaging your valuables in the process. All isn’t lost, though! There are ways to avoid damage during the move.

Check out tips to guide you:

1. Get a moving insurance 

An insurance cover provides excellent security for your belongings. By hiring an insured company, you are assured of compensation in case of damage during transit. However, ascertain what is covered in the homeowner’s policy.

Most homeowners prefer the McLaughlin Transportation company due to the optimal care the team ensures for valuable goods. With such a reputed company, you can be sure of minimal damage and compensation in case of breakage.

2. Create an inventory 

It can be challenging to determine whether an item is broken or lost without an inventory file. So, while you pack, note everything you have and its current condition. Take pictures of your valuables and keep all the written records safely. This way, it will easier to determine who is liable for fixing or replacing an item in case of breakage.

3. Hire professional 

Hiring a reputable moving company is the best decision to make when relocating. Packing boxes and lifting your belongings is what professional movers do for a livelihood. As a result, they are less inclined to make mistakes or damage your belongings, thanks to their vast experience. You will save more money and time with professional movers than when making a DIY move.

4. Use proper packaging 

The secret to avoiding damage during relocation is proper packaging. For instance, if you use a very big box, your belongings will rattle inside and get damaged, mostly if they are fragile. Similarly, a smaller box or container risks warping and bursting. It’s then advisable to use packing supplies that best suit your type and size of goods.

5. Get moving blankets

Moving blankets help avoid breakages during a move. Heavy gadgets and furniture are unlikely to fit in a carton unless you still have their initial packing. Moving blankets can help with this. They are large, supple, and allow you to enclose the items being moved. They shield your belongings from minor jolts and scratches while you move. 

6. Don’t rush the process

Give yourself more time to make thorough preparations. Make a list of your fragile items and decide how to pack each one. Measure the width of the entrances to see whether you need to disassemble any large pieces of furniture. Pack any breakables into the truck after you have loaded all other belongings and store them in a special safe place after they get to your new address. This will minimize damage and ease unpacking.


 Moving has never been easier with the right movers. Nowadays, you can minimize the risk of breakages by using proper packaging supplies and hiring the right team. Engage professional movers and save time and money during your next move!

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