Common Causes Of A Furnace Repair That Homeowners Should Know!

Common Causes Of A Furnace Repair That Homeowners Should Know!

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It’s always a huge inconvenience when you find out that you need a furnace repair at your home, and this is why it’s so important for homeowners to be on the lookout for repair warning signs and take preventative maintenance measures.

Knowing these warning signs can sometimes be a lot easier said than done, which is why we’ve developed this list of the most common causes of furnace repairs.

So, below are the furnace repair causes that you should know about!

Dirty Ductwork

Although this may seem like a pretty easy repair, it’s one that a lot of people tend to forget about. After long periods of time, debris and dust can get trapped within a home’s heating ducts, which subsequently will lead to a less efficient system.

When a home isn’t heating properly, it could be connected to ductwork blockages. The best way to prevent this type of issue is to invest in a maintenance program with your local HVAC team.

Old Filters

Every furnace relies upon clean air filters to function correctly, because filters play an important role in blocking out pollutants, allergens, dirt, and other unwanted air particles.

A lot of people simply forget to switch their air filters on a regular basis, but you really should be changing your filters out about every couple of months. A key warning sign associated with old filters is an inefficient heating system, and this is because dirty filters will cause your furnace to work much harder than it’s supposed to.

Damaged Blower Components

Every furnace has all-important blower components, and these components can often experience issues that create substantial damages. What can happen is that the damaged blower components can inadvertently blow warm air outside of your home, which can create all sorts of issues.

Heat Exchanger Malfunctioning

Your furnace’s heat exchanger is essentially a coil of heated tubes, and these tubes are important for creating warm air throughout your entire property. So, in many ways, your home’s heat comes from your system’s heat exchanger.

When a home is experiencing a malfunctioning heat exchanger, it’s a significant furnace repair that requires immediate professional attention. Neglecting this type of issue can subsequently lead to other HVAC malfunctions, so it’s crucial to get an experienced technician to your home when you need a new heat exchanger.

Thermostat Repairs

There are also many situations in which a furnace’s thermostat is the cause of the system’s issues. Although this technically isn’t a repair connected to your furnace, it’s important to remember that your unit’s thermostat is like the heart of the entire system.

Your thermostat reads your home’s indoor air temperatures and relays this information to your furnace, so malfunctioning thermostats can lead to improper readings and inadequate system performance.

Although thermostat repairs may be an electrical issue, it’s important to get your HVAC team out to your property as soon as you can.

Circuit Breaker Tripping

There are many reasons why a furnace’s circuit breaker might trip up every now and again, but it’s a more serious issue when your circuit breaker is consistently tripping.

It could mean that your furnace’s electrical wiring is faulty, but no matter what is causing the circuit breaker trips, you’re going to need professional help to diagnose and repair this electrical dilemma.

Strange Noises

It’s also common for furnaces to make strange noises when in use, and sometimes these noises are serious red flags. If you’re ever hearing any squealing, thumping, or clunking noises, then it’s a warning sign that you’re going to need some help.

These noises could be connected to a blower belt issue, bearing damages, and many other mechanical repairs.

Gas Odors

Although slight smells at the beginning of winter are a little bit normal from a furnace, these aren’t normal smells to experience on a regular basis. There are many alarming, gassy smells that can come from a home’s HVAC system, and they should all be taken extremely seriously.

This is a warning sign that you’re going to need to turn your furnace off and have a professional furnace repair job conducted as soon as possible in order to avoid hazardous risks to your entire household!

Contact The HVAC Experts At Beehive Heating & Air When Your Home Needs A Furnace Repair

There are tons of causes of furnace repairs, and unfortunately, a furnace repair can never be a DIY project.

You can learn more about recognizing and diagnosing the causes of furnace repairs by going to the link at the top of the page to the Beehive Heating & Air website!

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