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What To Do With A Wood Pallet As A Part Of Your Home’s Décor!


If you’re currently wondering what to do with a wood pallet, then you should consider it as a tool for your home’s décor! 

Countless people are using wood pallets for DIY projects, because they’re very useful and are incredibly versatile in terms of how they can be used for creative décor purposes. 

Below are some DIY projects involving wood pallets to keep in mind! 

Wooden Planters 

This is a really simple DIY project involving wooden pallets, and that’s because pallets are naturally designed to be pretty incredible planters. 

A lot of people will paint their pallets to add an extra splash of style, but many people love the rustic wood design as is. All you’ll really need to do is stack your pallet up against a wall, and then rearrange your flowers and plants within the layers of the pallet itself. 

Herb Garden 

Another awesome DIY project for your outdoor areas include using a wood pallet as an herb garden. 

All this project entails is adding base layers within the rows of the pallet, and later adding some soil to create herb beds. You’ll then let the herbs naturally grow within the pallet itself, which looks great and offers a BoHo chic, naturalistic type of vibe! 

Pallet Chairs 

This is another awesome pallet-oriented DIY project that’s meant for outdoor patios and porches, and wood pallets can often make very comfortable chairs when properly constructed. 

Using upcycled pallets for your home’s chairs is an eco-friendly approach to putting your décor together, and we generally recommend using waterproof cushions when you intend to keep these chairs outside. 

Pallet Tables 

You can even use wooden pallets to expand upon your home’s furniture collection, because pallet tables are a very stylish trend that’s currently growing in popularity among younger homeowners. 

Most people will paint their pallet tables in a neutral tone, but you of course can choose any color you’d like for this type of décor aesthetic. Another great idea is to install 4 casters on the corners of the pallet, which can help make this DIY table more portable. Many people will also add more wooden slats and a glass topping to provide an elevated appearance for this unique tabletop. 

Pallet Bookcases 

Another easy and very functional DIY pallet project is to convert wood pallets into a bookshelf. You can either utilize just one or multiple pallets for this type of shelf, and you’ll be surprised to find out just how perfect pallets are in terms of being shaped for books. 

A lot of people will leave their pallets in their normal aesthetic, or they’ll paint them to match their room’s existing ambience. Once the shelf is ready to go, all you’ll do is stack up your books within the pallet rows. 

Coat Racks 

Coat racks are another awesome use for wooden pallets, and you can always repurpose just small rows of a pallet to hang about six coats at once! 

This DIY project may require a little bit of effort, because you’ll need to cut the pallet properly and screw in some coat hangers, but it’s a wonderful idea that offers a farmhouse-like aesthetic to your home’s foyer and entryways. 

Wood Pallet Mirrors 

Upcycled pallet wood can also be re-purposed in many different ways, and one popular usage is to create DIY mirrors. This classy, wooden aesthetic will look very different than most other mirrors that you could find at a hardware store, and it’ll provide a rustic ambience that’s beautiful in most homes. 

What you’ll end up doing is use the pallet’s panels to properly frame the mirror. 

Wine Racks 

Wooden pallets can also be used well as wine racks, and people will often store both wine glasses and bottles on these types of DIY wall mounts. This project offers a creative way to display your wine and wine glasses in a funky way, and it’s an awesome way to repurpose a pallet! 

Shoe Racks 

With just a little bit of DIY sawing and nailing, you can create a versatile shoe rack with your wooden pallets. This is a great material for dirty, muddy shoes, and most people will place these shoe racks next to their front doors in order to reduce the amount of mud that gets tracked inside. 

Contact The Pallet Guys To Learn More About What To Do With A Wood Pallet At Your House! 

There are so many fun DIY projects to try out with wood pallets, so there certainly is plenty to do with a wood pallet when it comes to your home’s décor. 

You can learn more DIY pallet tricks from the industry experts at The Pallet Guys by going to the link located at the top of this page!

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