The Sanitary products you need for a bathroom upgrade HomeWagon’s top picks for your Bathroom

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Ever walked in your bathroom and had a feeling that something is missing or something needed to be changed or upgraded? If not, then we’re here to open your eyes and tell you that you are in need of a bathroom upgrade and you’re probably missing out on some interesting products as well.

If you haven’t noticed already but we do spend a lot of time in our bathrooms whether it’s in the morning to get all freshened up and ready to seize the day, for those nice long showers after a long day at work. Bottom line is we do spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and it’s about time you give yourself an upgrade and we’re here to tell you what you should consider in terms of changing things up and adding products that you didn’t think you needed.

The products we’ll be mentioning areHomeWagon’s top sanitary picks because we think they are amazing products that need to be talked about more.

Did you ever think that your shower needs or is missing something? Do you think that there’s a product that exists out there that works as a shower head, filter and can benefit your hair and skin at the same time? Let me tell you my friend, that product exists and it’s called an Intelligent shower head. A product so simple yet has so many benefits that you wouldn’t think about because a shower to most people is just rinsing yourself with water and some products and calling it a day. Did you know that water can be harmful to you? Yes, unfiltered water can be very harmful to the human body because it holds so many harmful minerals and heavy metals that you can’t see with the naked eye. All it does is create buildup in your scalp and body for as long as you keep using it. Some of the known causes of unfiltered water is hair loss, skin allergies and many other health risks that you may not feel now but could start showing up in the future. You need to start investing in products that benefit you, that’s why we think the Intelligent shower head is a must buy because other than filtering out all the bad minerals and heavy metals, it removes 98% of chlorine.

it’s environmentally friendly because it saves up 10-25% of water usage, it also keeps your hair and skin healthy because one of the filters is infused with vitamin C so it’s good for most people with skin issues like allergies and people that suffer from hair loss. One of the interesting features it has is that it gives you that spa atmosphere because it has an aroma scent built in the filter and it raises the water pressure to give you that spa massage feel. All good things you need to have in a shower to make you and your body feel good.

The second product pick is more of a decor upgrade option which we think is always a good idea. The product is a Washbasin cabinet from a well known brand called AQUASAN.

Known for its high quality and beautifully designed products that give any bathroom a fresh upgrade. The product features both a washbasin and a cabinet to store all your products to help you be more organized because who needs to have products all over their bathroom when they can have them stored in a cabinet.

The last top product pick is a Sanitary bathroom bundle created by HomeWagon themselves that features the basics you need for that bathroom upgrade.The bundle offers a high quality selection of products such as a large wash basin, a basin mixer, toilet seat and a whole shower kit along with some small items like a shatter and a bidet faucet. This bundle would mostly be a pick for people who are either renovating or in their home building process.

Point of this blog is to make you look around your bathroom and think is anything missing or do I need a change? It’s always a good idea to change things up.

You can check out all the different range of sanitary products on HomeWagon, they offer all sorts of products like showers, faucets, wash basins and so much more that you can purchase online all with a click of a button.

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