Furniture Safely During a Move

How to Transport Large Furniture Safely During a Move

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Moving large and heavy furniture is one of the most stressful parts. You want to make sure it arrives at your destination in one piece. The heavy lifting and large space you need to accommodate the furniture are huge considerations when moving. Therefore, when transporting large furniture, here are tips to ensure it arrives safely.

  • Plan in Advance

Working with a moving company is the best way to move large furniture quickly and safely. If you don’t have friends to help you with everything, it is best to hire professionals to help you. Professional movers like Molloy Bros. Moving do all the heavy lifting. Furthermore, they have experience handling different kinds of furniture. Therefore, before the moving day, make sure your plan is in order. Know where the furniture will pass to remove it from the inside. You also need to ensure enough room in the truck to accommodate all types of furniture.

  • Disassemble if Possible

Another way to ensure your furniture arrives safely is to dismantle it where possible. Some pieces of furniture are built in a way that you can dismantle them for easier carrying. Therefore, if there are removable parts, especially with protruding or awkwardly shaped pieces, consider removing them. However, ensure you detach them carefully and package the parts separately. Labeling them so they will be easy to remember when putting them together will also be a good idea.

  • Be Careful with Doorways

Moving large furniture through the door can be difficult. So, before you start, scrutinize the situation to know how best to handle your items. Removing chairs and small tables can be easy. However, you will need extra caution when handling large furniture. Hook an item like a sofa through the doorway by curling it around the doorframe and maintain the same position when moving.

  • Handle with Care

It is essential to be careful when carrying your items. That is why it is always a good idea to use the help of professional movers. They know how to apply caution when moving any kind of furniture. Additionally, be careful how you carry so you don’t hurt yourself. Keep posture when lifting to avoid hurting your back. It is also crucial to ask for help with the lifting to make it convenient and safe.

  • Use Lifting Straps

Using lifting straps is part of ensuring your safety and that of your items. Lifting straps will help you lift heavier, more oversized items since they support your back and shoulders. Therefore, you will not strain to lift. Your hands will also be free to help you support yourself.

  • Protect Furniture

It is always advisable to protect your furniture from damage when moving. Therefore, you will need moving blankets, plastic films, and bubble wrap to protect the pieces. The moving blankets and bubble wrap protect them from breaking and scratches, while the plastic film protects them from dirt and dust. Find a guide to learn how to pack your furniture when moving.


Now you know how to move large furniture safely. Make sure you plan and use the help of movers. You also need to get the right moving supplies and protect your items.

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