Glass Tumblers: Goti de Fornasa

Glass Tumblers: Goti de Fornasa


The city of Venice, otherwise known as The Capital of Glass, hides secrets between ancient techniques and artistry in the glass processing sector. In the Isle of Murano in fact, the most famous Artisans work together to create unique pieces and everlasting memories. From extraordinary mirrors to precious centerpieces, Murano Glass items are famous for their exclusive design and priceless beauty.

At YourMurano, you can travel with your imagination and admire hand-made glass products realized by the most skilled Glass Masters in Murano. For example, what about surprising your guest at the dinner table? Dive among our tumblers, glasses sets, and carafes, you will surely find what you are looking for. These items are entirely created through authentic Venetian glass blowing technique that distinguishes them from other ordinary glass objects. Being also the perfect idea as a gift, whether it is for a birthday party or for a common dinner with friends, we are sure they are going to wow everyone in the room.

Among these authentic Murano Glass items, today, we would like to make you discover our traditional Murano Glass tumblers. Commonly known as “goti” they were originally drinking glasses used by Artisans to cool themselves during their hard work in glass processing at the furnace. As of today, Murano’s Glass Masters combine this kind of traditional heritage with their innovative and more futuristic ideas to give birth to the most unique and beautiful glass tumblers you could find. They become the standard for classic or even modern home décor glassware sets, being able to give a touch of originality and color to your favorite dining table.

Glass Tumblers: Goti de Fornasa

Otherwise called, “goti de fornasa”, these items’ most fascinating feature is probably their colors, or even their unusual shape for a tumbler. Colorful patterns that resemble Venice’s romantic scenery are achieved through ancient and secret glass-making techniques, such as the one to create “murrine” decorations. Red, blue, violet, and green hues are placed next to each other, sometimes accompanied even by a fine dusting of gold leaf or other rare metal decorations.

Each of them is also created by Imperio Rossi, one of Murano’s most famous Glass Masters who is able to perfectly convey his creativity and ideas in his creations. A set of “goti” then expresses the artisan’s mind. They shine through the chromatic spectrum, and lines, becoming the ideal decorative items to brighten up your elegant table or to wow your guests. However, you can adapt these exclusive blown glass tumblers to your everyday life. They are made up of highly resistant glass, they are long-lasting but lightweight. 

Place them on your dining table and try combining them with different styles such as an elegant table, a shabby chic design, or even a modern-futurist table. They are going to shine anyway! Don’t forget to check our catalog and let us know the set you like the most.

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